5 most misinterpret facts about car removal

January 9, 2018 POSTED UNDER: car removal service

These days car removal and wrecking companies are the hot topic of discussion. But many people still don’t know how scrap yards work. This is a very upsetting because cash for car services are a very dependable option for selling junk cars.

As many people still hold various misinterpretations about vehicle recycling companies. They are reluctant to sell their old and unwanted vehicles. Because of this many of them let their old automobiles badly deteriorate in their back lawn or driveway. This brings the necessity to let people learn more about the services of vehicle removal companies in Sydney, NSW.

To help people understand properly about removal process, we’ve discussed here 5 most common misconceptions below:

Scrap cars are worthless

It is true that old and rusted vehicles are worth no money when it comes to private buyers and used auto dealers in Sydney. However, with scrap auto buyers and removal firms this is not the situation.

In fact, professional auto removal specialists are show great enthusiasm to buy and remove various old vehicles. They are always on a lookout to remove different make and models. They will even pay you a decent value after taking into account its valuable components and metal. Read more how cash for car Sydney estimates the car value.

Accepts certain vehicle models

This is another common misunderstanding which makes people hesitate to hire removal services. Most of them feel that these people only take certain kinds of models and brands. However, this is not true.

These days cash for clunker industry has witnessed such a growth that they are willing to buy every type of model. Whether it’s a heavy commercial truck, mini family vehicle, van, Ute, SUV, boats or even campers. These firms will have sufficient space to acquire all of them. Beside this they are efficient at safely removing automobiles by using the right equipment and manpower.

Only metal parts of the vehicles are used

Although it is true that wreckers remove metal parts and recycle them. But this doesn’t mean that remaining non-metal components are ignored. These companies have experienced people who ensure to safely wreck and recycle each and every part of a vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether it is working or not working. They will definitely make some good value out of recycling and reselling its parts and metal.

Even if a part is so damaged that is it not worth reusing. They will recycle it find a good way to use it rather than putting it to waste.

Car removal work similar to car towing service 

While it’s true that words “car removal and” car towing services” are similar to each other. But this doesn’t mean that their working and aims are also similar. For instance, you are stranded in the middle of the highway after facing an accident. When you will contact towing services they will only pick up and transport your accident wheels to your yard (possibly charge you money). However, when you choose an removal service it will haul away your accident damaged automobile to their yard. There it will be recycled and processed and you will get a premium cash amount (this is true, you will get paid, rather than paying them a money).

Hiring car removal cost money

There are many people that who think that it very expensive to employ the services of junk removals. Most of them think it because of the highly professional breaking and recycling services offered by these companies. However, most of the activities of these companies are regulated by government and the NSW environment protection authority. Consequently, they offer quick, instant and convenient auto removal services at no additional fees.


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