How to Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

March 28, 2017 POSTED UNDER: buying a car

If you want to buy a great vehicle that doesn’t need fixing. There is no need to pray for good fortune, because that will accomplish nothing. There are things you can do so that you can save yourself from the hassle of accidentally buying a rubbish car. None of them involve strengthening your “luck”. Before trading a vehicle in a significant way, you need to know all about used car buyers in Sydney.


Read these handy hints and you will never buy a useless automobile again.

Look at the Exterior of the Vehicle

Having a good inspection of the exterior of the vehicle you are looking at is a great way of finding chipped paint, dings and dents, panels that don’t match up, chips on windows, misaligned gaps between panels, and so-forth. If you can see any paint that is covering rubber trim, or covering chrome. You might be looking at a car that has had someone attempt to make body-panel repairs.

This can be a problem. Because it is evidence of past issues such as damage. You will also want to open and close the doors and the boot. If they don’t close perfectly this is a further sign that there has been damage. It has possibly been repaired poorly.

Inspect the Interior

Look at the seatbelt. If they have fibres in them that seem melted, this can be evidence that the vehicle has been in an accident. You can also tell whether the car has travelled a lot of kilometres by how worn the pedals are relative to the age of the car. As well as the drivers’ seat having more sag than is normal. If you can smell a musty scent, like mildew, it is possible that the vehicle has had a water leak. If there is any discolouring on the carpet, the automobile that you are looking at may have been in a flood. There will also be electrical problems.

Have a Look at the Tyres

See the tread? Is the wear spread evenly across it? It should be. If the wear is concentrated into the middle of the tread, this will be because the tyres have been driven on while over-inflated. Alternatively, if you find that the wear is concentrated on the sides, you can be sure that the tyres have been driven on while under-inflated. A good sign of the car having been driven aggressively or hard is if the wear on the tyres is on the outside shoulder near the sidewall. You must need to determine what to look for in a second hand tyre.

Look Closely at the Steering

Get into the vehicle and have it idling, then hold the steering wheel. Turn it left and right and if you notice any sort of clunking noise. The steering may have been damaged by way of worn our steering gear. You will want to give it a test drive. While doing so if you notice the vehicle wandering, resulting in constant efforts to correct, then the alignment might be out. That isn’t so bad. But it could also mean that the suspension needs fixing, or the frame needs repairing.

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