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How to prevent your car’s engine overheating?

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It is not surprising that overheating is the engine’s worst enemy. As a result, it is a very common issue which leads to failure of engine and warranty claims. When you observe that your vehicle’s engine warning lights go off and steam is rising from your hood.

You must know that all of these things are leading your automobile to most dreaded issues such as overheating. In general, when your car’s temperature gauge rises to the red zone it can lead your vehicle to any mechanical damage.

You may even need to totally overhaul your engine, if the problem of overheating is not addressed immediately. 

Hence, it is important to arm yourself with the appropriate knowledge about overheating of your car’s engine. This will help you to effectively prevent this problem.   

What causes overheating of the engine?

Generally, if your vehicle’s engine is overheating, there could be an issue in its cooling system. It’s cooling system composed of components like the radiator, coolant hoses, water pump, heater core, and thermostat.

If any of these components get damaged or break down, it may lead to overheating in your automobile. But even if lack of cooling circulation is the stem of every problem. It’s crucial to understand the particular signs for engines overheating. Here are some common reasons of overheating:

  • Coolant leaking is also the reason for very low level of coolant. It’s because when there is a lot of space in the coolant reservoir, the air ultimately gets sucked in and circulated. When it climbs to the top of cooling system, it causes airlock and finally your engine heat up;
  • If there is a failure in water pump, your engine will start heating up immediately. There is a bearing or impeller in water pump which constantly turns. And if it gets worn out it will lead to overheating;
  • If your coolant is not circulating the radiator, there is a blockage in the cooling system. Your thermostat may not be opening properly or there may be a foreign substance in your cooling system. In addition, deposition of minerals in cooling system also leads of engine heating;
  • Your engine’s important chains and belts might not be functioning well. If they are already broken, you will observe an irritating squeaking noise in the serpentine belt and timing belt. If you don’t replace the torn belts, they will slowly leads to overheating;
  • When the radiator fan stops supplying sufficient air to your engine, it could be very difficult to replace it. If you need to replace your radiator fan quickly, you must ensure to take help from a professional mechanic;
  • Make sure that your oil levels don’t lead to overheating. Often people think that less or no oil causes more friction in the engine. But it’s no brainer. However, there are still some drivers who don’t maintain proper levels of oil in automobile.   

How to avoid overheating from happening?

Once you get sufficient knowledge about overheating of car’s engine. It’s quite easy to prevent it from happening. Remember, regualr inspection and proper maintenance are always best to prevent serious issues with your automobile. However, here are some handy tips to avoid engine overheating.

  • Look for leaks under your vehicle;
  • Look for debris in your radiator and make sure radiator cap is in good condition;
  • Make sure to properly inspect the serpentine and timing belts;
  • Fill your coolant completely on a regular basis;
  • Get your cooling system checked by a trusty mechanic;
  • Check your temperature gauge regularly. This will help you to avoid it from rising to the red zone;
  • Keeping 1 gallon of additional coolant and 1 gallon of distilled water in your car’s trunk is always helpful.

Overall, it’s best to equip yourself upfront to effectively prevent heating up of the engine. It’s because you will need to put adequate time and effort to identify the problem.

Best of luck with these precautions. However, If you have the vehicle with blown engine then we might help you and pay you the best money. Sell a car with a blown engine in Sydney with us and get the most of your vehicle.


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | December 11, 2017

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