How to Get Paid Cash for Scrapping your Car in Sydney?

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Perhaps you have a car that has gone through its last transformation, and is now firmly entrenched in its junk phase. You can’t drive a scrap car, so you will be wanting to scrap it, won’t you? Well, it turns out that ridding your life of a pesky clunker is not hard task. This is truer for folk living in Sydney than anywhere else. Why? Because you get the option of selling your scrap ride to Quick Car Cash, Sydney’s leading scrap car buying service.

If you are already interested, as you do indeed have a festering pile of steel, glass and rubber wasting away outside your house, call us! 0401 333 393 is the number to dial, and we have a free quote request form on our website too!


Know When your Car Needs Scrapping

Perhaps your automobile is showing signs of slowly nearing the end of its life. However, you want to squeeze every last ounce of driving action from it. It may be a better idea to get rid of it and replace that clunker with a newer model. You will know that the time has come to do so if you keep an eye out for some signs.

One sign is that your automobile is always experiencing some sort of mechanical issue. This is a sure warning that permanent retirement is looming close. If you ever attempt to find out how much it is worth, and it turns out it is worth very little, again, this is a sign that the car is on its last legs. Finally, if the car needs serious repairs that will be more expensive than the amount your vehicle is worth, you should not be in ownership of it anymore.

Don’t try selling it to private citizens via the newspaper classifieds, or using online advertising. The folk out there who are after the purchase of scrap cars are few and far between. You will be waiting months for someone to come along and offer you barely a fraction of what it’s worth.

How to Successfully Sell a Scrap Car in Sydney?

Now that you have confirmed that yes, your car, Ute, SUV, truck, van or 4×4 is in fact useless, what do you do next? It looks like selling it is out of the question. But is it? No, actually, you can still sell it, it will just be incredibly difficult if you decide to sell it privately. But there are other methods for selling your scrap car.

For one, if you have the required skills, expertise, space, tools and time, you can part it out. Then you will be able to sell the parts online, which should be easier than selling the whole car. But the likelihood is that you don’t have those pre-requisites. If that is the case, your best bet is to sell to an auto wrecking company. It is the fastest and easiest option for you. Here is what you will need to do in order to achieve this goal.

Contact Quick Car Cash and Get a Free Quote

If you live in Sydney, the company that pays the most for scrap cars is us here at Quick Car Cash. The ball starts rolling when you contact us and get a free quote from one of our customer representatives. There is the option of calling us or filling out the online form on our website. We only ask that you give us the details of your car in as accurate of a fashion as possible.

What details are these, you might ask? For one, we will require your car’s make, not to mention its model. If you can also tell us what condition your vehicle is in, as well as its age of manufacture, we can use these details to provide as accurate of an offer as possible.

Your Scrap Vehicle isn’t Worth Nothing

Once upon a time, there was no option other to dump your car at a scrap yard, or junk yard, or landfill. The first two options would pay you a pittance for your car as they only look at its value in scrap metal. But your useless junk vehicle is worth so much more than its weight in steel. It has a wealth of used parts on it that can be successfully sold.

That is what we do here at Cash for Car. We get so much more out of selling the car’s parts, which means that we get to pay much more for the vehicles in the first place.

Will the Vehicle Need to Be Registered?

When you sell an automobile to an auto wrecking company, some of them will not buy it if there is no registration. However, we will buy it. We also buy cars of all makes and models. Any condition as well. There is no automobile that we will ever refuse to buy.

What Preparations Need To Be Made?

Give your car’s interior a good old emptying if this is what it needs. It is a huge help to us if the car doesn’t need to have the insides of it cleaned out. For your own interests, it is a good idea to concern yourself with whether or not the vehicle has any personal belongings in it. Especially if those belongings are of the smaller variety that can go un-noticed.

Be there When We Come Over to buy your Car

It is important to us that you are there when we come over to buy your automobile off you. This means that we can pay you for it. It also means that you can provide identification and any proof that you are the owner of the vehicle.

So, if you have an automobile that is of the car variety or otherwise, and it has broken down for good this time, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are Quick Car Cash and we pay the most money for scrap cars.


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