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How cash for car Sydney estimates the car value?

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Are you planning to sell your old, junk or broken car for cash in Sydney? If you are in such a situation, then you might be looking for a Cash for Car service that is recognised for paying excellent and accurate estimations for old or used vehicles. We all know the importance of cash for cars in Sydney.

When searching for a reliable and trustworthy old car buyer service in Sydney. You will come across many companies who promise to offer top dollars for old automobiles. However, it is not always the case when you finally decide to do business with them. Therefore, it is important the company you choose to deal with should offer realistic and accurate money offers for all types of vehicles. Remember different cash for clunker services in Sydney use different methods to determine the value of an old or used vehicle.  

Here are some of the most common factors that many reputable cash for car firms in Sydney take into consideration while offering estimates for old vehicles. It will boost your ideas on how to maximise scrap car valuation.

Make and model

There is no doubt that you if you have a make and model from a recognised brand. That retains good value in terms of parts and materials. These companies will be willing to pay handsome remuneration for it. Nearly all cash for car outfits consider the make and model of the automobile while assessing its worth.

For example, they usually pay higher amount of cash for Mercedes vehicles as compared to the Toyota automobiles. The same is the case for the makes and models of automobiles. If you are trying to get rid of a model that is out-dated. You can expect to get a lower price for it as compared to those models which are still in production.


The vehicles that are heavy and bigger in size comprise of more valuable parts and materials than small size vehicles. As a result, old or unwanted car buyer are willing to pay more money for heavy weight commercial and personal automobiles. Like 4WD, sedan, Ute, vans, SUVs, trucks, etc. For example, if you are considering to sell a van and truck to the Cash for Car Company, they will likely pay you more money for truck than the van while keeping all the other attributes constant.

Actual condition

These firms have proficient and skilled technicians which can make good money from vehicles of all condition. They use environmentally friendly ways to utilize working parts and materials and earn good profit. They sell these parts as second hand components or break them out for scrap metal. So, if your automobile is working perfectly despite of being slightly damaged. It will still have a lot of parts and components that can be extracted and used again in other vehicles. It will likely fetch more cash as compared to the one that is broken or valuable only in terms of scrap metal.

Year of manufacture

These days we can see the production of highly efficient and convenient automobiles than those that are not equipped with latest technology. The automobiles with latest technologies are certainly worth more money as compared to their older counterparts. This is because they consist of parts and materials that can work efficiently in the automobiles that are being produced currently. In addition, they will also worth more money in terms of their scrap metal potential.


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | December 25, 2017

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