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Cash for Old Cars in Sydney

We help you sell your unwanted car fast and easy.

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Junk car is the term that is used to describe automobiles that have, for whatever reason, become too expensive to maintain. It is cheaper in the long term to buy another car and get rid of the old one. But you will still have to pay one lasts a little bit of money in order to tow the vehicle to a junk yard or landfill.

At least that is what you had to do in the old days. But now you have cash for cars Sydney companies like us here at Quick Car Cash making life easier by removing the car and transporting it to a salvage yard. And we don’t only do this for free. We pay the owner of the machine, because the fact of the matter is that the car is worth something, and to not pay the owner would be ripping them off.


Up to $9999 for Used Vehicles

We want to pay the most amount of money that your old vehicle could possibly get in relation to its condition, make, model and age. This isn’t just to be competitive, it’s also so that we get the job satisfaction of knowing that we have done right by our customers.

To get the ball rolling you can either call us or fill out the simple and easy form that we have on our website’s front page. Give us some details such as the age, condition and make of your set of wheels and we will then provide you with a free cash quote. You can also get the car valuation online here.

We Buy Any Cars in Any Condition

There isn’t a level of disrepair that disqualifies any vehicle from being bought by us. We are in the great habit of buying each and every vehicle that gets offered to us. So if your machine has been in a crash and is no longer road-worthy. Don’t worry as we will buy it. If it has been left outside on the lawn for many years and is a mere shell of its former self, half eaten by rust and basically the very definition of junk, we will buy it. Used cars remain the clever choice for buyers but not junk or scrap.


Free Car Removal in Sydney

If the vehicle that you are selling to us is so worn out and old that it is totally unable to be driven anywhere. You don’t have to pay to have it transported to our salvage yard in order to sell it to us. We provide the service of free removal. This is much better than you have to pay anything.

We buy all Brands

From Japanese, European, American, Korean, Holden to all kinds of classic vehicles. We buy all brands of cars, trucks, vans, Utes or 4x4s. No exceptions, we will not let you down with the price of any vehicle.

Contact us

Don’t be shy. Call us or fill out that form. It won’t take longer than a few minutes. Within the same day you will have one less junk vehicle and a full wallet as well. 04 0100 9994 is the number to call.