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Cash for used trucks

We help you sell your unwanted car fast and easy.

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Do you have a truck that you no longer want to be in ownership of? It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Maybe it is old and broken down for good. Maybe you simply for-see some major problems on the horizon and want to get rid of it before it starts costing you money. Whatever the reason, you should sell it to us here at Quick Car Cash. However, we are not limited to trucks, if you wonder who would sell my car for cash then consider our services second to none.


We buy used trucks at Quick Car Cash & have all the skills and know how to make sure that you get paid top dollar for your truck. Just call us or contact us via the form we have put on the main page of our website. Or you can also get the free car valuation in Sydney without meeting with anyone. Request a quote and we will send it through your email.

Free Cash Quote

When you contact us you will be asked for some info pertaining to your truck. We will ask what its make, model and age is, along with what condition it is in. These will all help us to give you an estimation of how much your truck is worth. The cash quote is free, and there is no obligation on your end to continue the process if you are not happy with the quote. However, we would be always happy to discuss the price for your truck anytime.

Free Truck Removal in Sydney

For those of you whose truck isn’t roadworthy, we have a service that we provide called “free removal”. It is especially handy for those whose truck has gotten to the point where any more maintenance will cost an arm and a leg. You shouldn’t have to pay to have it transported back to the place of business of the company that bought it off you.


Any Condition

Whether your truck has been in an accident, unregistered, leaving it totalled, or whether it has lost the struggle with time and is just too old, we will buy it off you. There isn’t a level of condition that leaves a truck completely without value. Even if it is only the scrap metal that we can salvage, there is still some money that can be made from it, so you deserve some cash for your truck. Check out where in Sydney you can sell an unregistered car or trucks.

Any Make or Model

We buy all makes and models of truck. If your truck is a Freightliner, a Toyota Tacoma, a GMC Canyon, or a Dodge Dakota, we will buy it. This is because there is no reason for us not to. All trucks deserve the same treatment regardless of make. Sell your Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara and expect the best price from us.

Contact us here at Quick Car Cash

Our number is 04 0100 9994. Or you can fill out the simple and easy contact form on our website. Generally, we respond back within an hour or so.