10 Steps for Selling your Truck Privately

October 3, 2018 POSTED UNDER: cash for trucks


When selling a truck via the private market, one can expect to have a different experience than if they were selling a car. This can be for a few different reasons, one of which has to do with the need to cater to a completely different target audience. Hence, the need for the person selling […]


How to get the top cash for Utes

September 28, 2017 POSTED UNDER: cash for trucks


Whether we like it or not, every vehicle depreciates in value. In fact, the newer the vehicle, the faster it will depreciate. Thus, it is imperative to maintain the value of your Ute if you intend to resell or trade it in at a later date. One of the best ways to maximise scrap car […]


Selling a truck in Sydney

August 8, 2017 POSTED UNDER: cash for trucks


How much do you think your junk truck is worth? If you want to get top dollar for it, you can’t go wrong selling it to us here at Quick Cash Car. Whether your truck is a commercial truck, a personal truck or a 4×4, you have just discovered the most convenient, simple and hassle […]


Selling Utes in Sydney – Cash for Utes

August 1, 2017 POSTED UNDER: cash for trucks


If your Ute has seen better days and you are at the end of your wits, maybe it’s time you sold it. This is especially true if the Ute in question has been spending too much time at the mechanic’s shop recently. However, you may have some trouble selling it via the normal avenues. This […]


Selling scrap truck to Quick car cash

July 9, 2017 POSTED UNDER: cash for trucks


The biggest concern of truck owners is that when it gets older and the miles add up it becomes very difficult to have it running on the road. If you also have a commercial vehicle that is no more working fine, it may be more likely taking up unnecessary space on your property and collecting […]



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