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How exactly does the cash for cars process work?

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Everyone has seen a junk car sometime in their lives. Most have seen multiple junk cars. And some of those junk cars were on someone’s lawn or driveway. Why do people not dispose of them? Because it is now easier than ever to get rid of your old and useless rust heap that used to be your main mode of transport.

Of course, it would be a giant assumption to make that everyone knows exactly how that is. So here is a neat little guide to how the cash for cars process works.

Here is a step by step guide to selling your clunker, freeing up space on your property and putting a little bit of cash in your wallet at the same time:

First, prepare your junk car

This part isn’t going to take long, and it won’t require much effort on your behalf either. You won’t be needing to wash the vehicle, because it is a junk vehicle and will be getting dismantled. So forget about gathering all the car washing tools and materials out. This will only be requiring your hands and perhaps a rubbish bin.

You will need to remove all the rubbish from your vehicle. Of course, the cash for cars company will buy your car off you, but be a good person and make their job easier by cleaning the vehicle out. Most importantly, though, you need to make sure there are no personal effects in the vehicle. If there are, and you sell it to a salvage yard, you may never see it again.

Free car removal

A representative from the company will come to your property or where-ever your vehicle is situated. They will be tasked with the mission of giving your vehicle a closer inspection to make sure that it is exactly how you described it, and to make a final offer. If you are happy with that offer they will pay you on the spot with cold, hard and papery cash. That cash will then go into your wallet. If it doesn’t go into your wallet, you may miss-place it, so be warned.

The next part involves your vehicle being removed from your property. This won’t cost you a thing. The money that a towing company would have charged you is not being deducted from the estimated value of the vehicle, so stop worrying so much and relax. Make a nice cup of hot chocolate.

What happens to the car now?

We salvage the vehicle for parts and materials. Anything that needs proper disposal gets disposed of properly. This means anything that is toxic or harmful to the environment will be either recycled or gotten rid of using methods that are environmentally sound.

Any parts that are in good enough condition for resale will be cleaned, refurbished and added to the company’s used parts inventory. Parts that are useless will be sold to scrap metal companies as scrap metal.

If you have a vehicle that has reached the junk phase of its life, make haste and call a cash for cars company in Sydney, NSW today!


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | July 13, 2017

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