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Free Used Car Removal

We help you sell your unwanted car fast and easy.

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When a car gets so bogged down in damage that it can no longer be driven, there is always the option of shelling out even more money to get it fixed. But you will end up with no money and a car that breaks down all the time. Just get rid of it. But how?

Well, it is easy really. Sell it to us here at Quick Cash Cars. We are Sydney’s best vehicle removal company and we use our top skill and expertise to pay top cash to folk just like you whose vehicles have lost the battle with time and need to go. Sell your car quickly with us and make some smart cash without wasting your time.


Don’t Pay a Dime

Where-as once you needed to pay the auto removal company to take your vehicle away, times have changed. The fact of the matter is that these companies will be salvaging your old clunker for all the valuable parts on it. And there will be parts that can be re-used and re-sold on it. In the rare case of your vehicle being so useless that all the parts are a lost cause, the material making up the automobile can be sold as scrap.

So keeping that your junk vehicle still has value despite its status as “junk”, we think that it is wrong to make people pay to take it away and then make money out of it. You, as the owner of the junk car, should be getting some money in return. So we pay you for your clunker, and then we take it away ourselves. There is no hidden cost and you don’t have to pay a single cent throughout the process.

We Buy Any Car

We buy all sorts of vehicles and always pay maximum cash for old cars. The only thing that would disqualify a car from being bought from us is if the owner doesn’t want us to buy it. Other than that, all vehicles are fair game. Any condition, any make, and any model. So you needn’t worry about whether we will buy your vehicle off you. If it can be roughly described as an automobile, then we would love to buy it. This includes vans, 4×4’s, trucks, Utes, cars and SUV’s.


Feel Free to Contact us

We have a phone number you can ring. Here it is: 04 0100 9994. Alternatively, you can fill out the handy wee form that we have on our website. Either way, just remember to have the age, make, model and condition of your vehicle ready in your head so we can turn that info into a free cash quote. You can sell your car online using our free car valuation services. Find out how to determine the value of your car in Sydney.