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How to maximise scrap car valuation

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Is your garage, lawn or driveway currently being crowded out by a scrap, junk or unwanted car? This is truly a sad situation to be in. Especially if it was a vehicle that you once loved. However, you need to realise that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can easily sell that clunker for the best price, check our earlier post on how to get the free car valuation online at Quickcarcash. Obviously not for as much as you would have if the car wasn’t a junk vehicle. But you can still get some money for it. If you would like to know how to do this, then continue reading.

Empty your vehicle

If you are anything like a normal human being, you will have plenty of debris in your vehicle. Don’t worry, as no-one will judge you. But you don’t want to dispose of it at the proper salvage yard without first emptying the vehicle out. There is even a chance that you have personal effects of a small nature that have fallen down the seats. If you don’t retrieve it now, you will never see it again. Furthermore, you will be helping the people in the salvage yard by not making them do the cleaning.

When removing parts, be careful!

It is incredibly important that you are very careful with the components and parts that you are removing from your vehicle. Of course, you are doing this in order to make the most money possible from selling your machine. This is a great way to get as much money as possible. So do take care, no-one wants to buy parts that have been damaged. This might mean using all the correct tools as well. Be sure to have enough space in your garage to put these parts, out of the way.

Know how much these parts are worth

Do you want to know whether the scrap car buyers that you are planning on doing business with have valuated your vehicle properly and fairly? You can find out. You will only get an estimate, but it will prove to be a helpful tool in determining whether you are getting ripped off. Get onto the internet and search for parts. On top of that, look at the current market value of scrap steel. It does tend to fluctuate.

Plan where you will be selling the parts

You will be needing to know the names of all your local scrap metal dealers and cash for car companies. It is well advised that when you do this, get in touch with them and get some free cash quotes. This is called comparison shopping. When you get some quotes, compare them. You may even want to get the advice of some friends and family. You really are making sure that you are getting the best deal that you can get. Good on you. And what’s more, you won’t have that junk car lying about outside. The garage, driveway or lawn will finally be free of auto-debris. You can now get a swing set and trampoline for your children. Well done!


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | July 3, 2017

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