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January 31, 2018 POSTED UNDER: make-models

Selling a vehicle is not the most fun activity to get involved in. But what if it only took one day to complete? It would be especially handy if you needed the money fast. However, it is no secret that selling a Mazda, or any other make of car, will take you at least a few weeks at the very least. You need to clean the vehicle, have it serviced, and then you have to place ads. After that it is just a waiting game. You will need to talk to prospective buyers over this time. This requires you to negotiate a whole lot.

What if you could skip all of this and get all the money with none of the bother? Well, if you live in Sydney then this dream could become a reality. Here at Quick Car Cash, we will shell out top dollar for your Mazda, and it will be the fastest you have ever sold a car. The amount we are willing to pay can be up to a maximum of $9’999.


Free Mazda Removal for Everyone

There are a lot of companies in Sydney that buy used cars, but you may find that they want you to hire a tow truck to get your vehicle to their premises. If you had the luck to find a company that would provide removal for you, they would deduct the cost from the payment they make. However, here at Quick Car Cash have a service whereby we remove vehicles free of any charge. This is a god-send for anyone who has a Mazda that is not in any state to be driven at all. And seeing as we buy junk vehicles all the time, this is a regular occurrence.

Sell your car for cash – Instant Quotation Offered

Every Mazda is fair game for us. We aren’t like those other guys that will only buy specific models of Mazda. This is because we want everyone in Sydney to have a way to sell their Mazda fast and easily regardless of the type of Mazda they own. Here are just some of the different Mazda models that we are excited to buy:

  • MX-6 Coupe;
  • Biante;
  • Carol Kei car;
  • Familia;
  • Savanna;
  • RX-7;
  • BT-50;
  • Capella;
  • CX-7;
  • Millenia;
  • Cronis.

Unregistered – Totalled – Scrapped – Rusted: We will buy

Here at Quick Car Cash we are excited to get our hands on all the junk Mazda vehicles that are out there, just waiting to be purchased. If you have a junk Mazda, and you are currently under the misconception that junk automobiles are impossible to sell, you need to know this. We buy all junk cars that are offered to us. The level of disrepair will only affect the value of the Mazda, not whether we will buy it or not.

Online Cash for Cars Instant Quote

Get an instant cash for Mazda cars. If you contact us via this phone number: 0401 333 393, or fill out the form on our website, we will get back to you fast with a free cash quote. So don’t wait any longer. Contact us today!


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