Mini Cars Cash Sydney

January 17, 2018 POSTED UNDER: make-models

So, you have finally made the decision to sell your old Mini. Of course, you have your own reasons for wanting to do this. However, you may want to get this done at a speed that one would normally assume is impossible. Or maybe the Mini in question is incredibly old, and in terrible condition. Selling via the normal avenues will make it incredibly hard.

Sell Your Mini Fast

However, if you want to sell your Mini, it doesn’t matter what reasons you have. There is an incredibly easy way for you to get it done. You will be able to sell it very quickly, and it won’t matter how old the vehicle is. QuickCarCash are here to help you escape the hassle of being the owner of an old and unwanted Mini. You will get paid sweet money on the spot, and the Mini in question will also be recycled.


We pick up old cars for cash in Sydney

Not only will we buy your Mini off you for a good price, we will also remove it. And that removal will not cost you a cent. We will not make you pay for a tow truck to transport the Mini to our premises. We will not do it ourselves, but pay you less money for the Mini so that we can recoup the cost of removal. Instead, we will pick up your Mini and bring it back to our place for recycling at no cost.

Instant cash offer for Mini car

Sure, you can use an online car valuation tool in order to find the worth of your Mini. But you won’t get an accurate amount. And it will not take into account the same things that we do when we are assessing the value of a Mini. This includes the parts on it that can be salvaged, and the weight of steel that is available.

If you need a free quote for the value of your Mini, all it takes is a phone call, or a few minutes filling out an online form. Call us at 0401 333 393, or alternatively you can fill out the quote request form on our website. We will get back in touch with you in a very short time.

Junk your car for money today – All models accepted

There is no sense in restricting the amount of people who are able to take advantage of our amazing services. This is why we are more than glad to buy any model of Mini. If you own a Mini

  • Cooper;
  • Countryman;
  • Paceman;
  • Hatch/Hardtop range;
  • Coupe;
  • Clubman;
  •  Convertible.

We will buy that Mini off you regardless. The same principal of inclusion will apply to Mini’s that are in bad condition. If you have a Mini that has been in a big crash and is a write off as a result, we will buy it off you. Alternatively, if your Mini runs just fine, we will not hesitate to fork our good money for it.


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