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8 ways to make money from your old Beater car

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Most of the people assume their vehicle as worthless as soon as it has seen its better days. However, the great news is that an old car is likely worth more money than you think.

Even if it is too old or beaten up there are always options to make money from it. When you have an old car sitting right outside your door, it is your opportunity to make some extra money.

These days you can easily find a market for vehicles in all possible conditions. No matter whether it is old, used, running or not running, it can be your ticket to big dollars. However, most of the outdated auto owners tend to quickly trade their old wheels at a dealership. This way, they make the biggest mistake of losing their big ticket to make a higher profit.

So, every old car owner must focus on to maximize their ride’s potential. They must look for options that can help to earn a higher return when selling their old beater vehicle.

Before you decide to sell your old beater vehicle consider the effective ways outlined below. It will help you to make good money when selling your old beater car.

Records of regular services

When dealing with your potential buyers it is wise to share its service records. It will prove that your automobile is well-maintained. Another idea is to offer the extra paperwork related to your automobile. This includes the owner’s manual and manufacturer’s brochures specifying the year’s model that you have purchased from the dealer.

Also, make sure to explain any modifications that you have done in the automobile. Perhaps you have added a new sound system, a theft deterrent and tracking system or installed new tires. Providing these extras to your buyers will boost your auto’s value.

Sell your working old car

Mostly people like to turn their used or older vehicles with ones are working great. Basically, they sell their running used vehicles straight away to the retailers. According to the Wall Street Journal, used auto prices have plunged in past few months due to the emergence of many leased cars. However, there are many easy things that you can do clean up your automobile and get most money for it.

Don’t put your money in needless upgrades

Although it is extremely wise to spruce up your vehicle from both inside and outside. But there is no need to invest your money in unessential upgrades. It is necessary to focus more on making necessary repairs. It is important to transform the look of your automobile, if you want to fetch more money for it.

But keep your primary focus on the main problems that can affect its drivability and safety. Remember your automobile should be good enough to pass the safety inspection test of your state.  

Advertising your vehicle for sale wisely

When you advertise your automobile for sale, you must take care. Make sure to be transparent while creating the advertisement. For instance, if your air conditioner is not working fine be honest about it. This will build confidence in your buyers and increase credibility. Also, remember to post high-quality pictures to advertise your once prized possession. Take pictures of both exterior and interior from various different angles.

Call your local scrap yard (if selling a car for parts)

If you are selling a vehicle for parts only then once you have removed all the valuable parts that you want to sell yourself. You can sell the remaining junk wheels to the salvage yard. Most of them will quickly haul away your automobile without charging any fees.

Pull out easy-to-access parts from your old beater vehicle

If you are handy with vehicle dismantling, you can consider removing its key parts and sell them individually. Take off all the easy-to-access and valuable components. You can often sell them to people like auto hobbyists, enthusiasts, and used part sellers. You can get good money by selling parts like glass, wheels, axles, lights, sound system, trim pieces, seats, etc. You can also consider selling them at online marketplaces for buying and selling spare parts.

Refurbish the vehicle

There are also people who do business of purchasing old automobiles for low prices and resell them at higher prices. On the other hand, there are people who quickly buy used automobiles and flip them. Replacing old seat covers, floor mats, quick paint jobs and polishing interiors do wonders. You only need some basic skills, free time and easy repairing tips. With this you can get fair cash for your inexpensive ride.

Sell your car to Auto Dismantlers in Sydney

When it comes to stripping parts of any automobile there are various related safety and environmental concerns. The government has also prescribed crucial guidelines for auto service centres and retailers. They have to strictly follow it while handling junk vehicles and disposing hazardous fluids. Thus, you can always sell your old ride to parts pickers, if you don’t have proper auto dismantling resources. One of the services that purchase beaten up automobiles for parts is Wreck Monster.


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | December 12, 2017

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