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Quick cash for Toyota Prado in Sydney

We help you sell your unwanted car fast and easy.

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Do you own a Toyota Prado? Are you keen to sell it? The fact of the matter is that selling your Toyota Prado may take a few weeks, and you may not even get the full value of the vehicle. And if you need to sell it in a speedy manner, forget about it. Unless you choose to sell your Toyota Prado to Sydney’s leading cash for cars company, Quick Car Cash.

Here at Quick Car Cash we strive to provide our customers with the quickest and easiest avenue for selling their Toyota Prado in Sydney, NSW.

100% customer satisfaction guarantee

We offer the best price for Toyota Utes or 4x4s with guarantee and always keen to achieve the customer satisfaction with full responsibility. Feel free to disclose the price in your mind and we would be delighted to match those monetary figures for you.


Top cash for Toyota trucks, 4x4s or Utes

So it is settled, the most convenient and stress free method for selling your Toyota Prado in Sydney is by selling it to us here at Quick Car Cash. But surely there is a catch. Is it that you will be getting less money for the vehicle than you normally would? No, because here at Quick Car Cash we pride ourselves in our advanced ability to pay the maximum amount your Toyota Prado in Sydney is worth. We pay decent cash for used trucks and always strive to offer the free truck removal anywhere in Sydney.

All Toyota Prado condition wanted – dead or alive

A lot of our customers who sell us their Toyota Prado are doing so because we are their last resort. No-one else will even look at their car, lest they end up having nightmares. But here at Quick Car Cash we have seen Toyota Prado’s that are in worse states than you can possibly imagine. We are desensitised, and as a result, we often find ourselves buying cars that have been in floods, fires and other terrible mishaps. And we’ll keep on buying them, too. All vehicles have value, regardless of their condition.

Same day Toyota 4wd removal in Sydney

Is the reason you want to see the back of your Toyota Prado because it no longer runs and fixing it will cost more than it will be worth once fixed? Put your credit card away, you won’t be needing the services of any vehicle hauling or towing company. We will take care of the transport arrangements once we have bought the Toyota Prado from you.

Get a quick cash for cars online

We are in the habit of giving people cash quotes detailing the estimated value of their Toyota Prado’s, with no obligations attached. If you are keen on getting one all you have to do is call us at 04 0100 9994. We also have a free quote form on the main page of our website, if you would like to get the free car valuation online.