How much money can you get scrapping a car?

May 11, 2018 POSTED UNDER: general

All vehicles eventually get to the point where they are useless. It is always strange to see a junk automobile and think that it was once a brand new car. At some point in time, someone went to the car dealership to buy a brand spanking new vehicle and saw that particular set of wheels and thought “that is the one that I want, as it looks great and is a smooth ride.” And now it looks like a pile of garbage. However, no car has the power to escape the march of time, and all the ravages that it brings. At some point, the only real option is to dispose of the vehicle. This is still the case regardless of how close and attached to the car you may feel.

How does one know for sure that this is the case? Can you be absolutely sure that your vehicle has entered the junk phase? How do you recognise when to scrap your car?  Because it is possible that just because your vehicle has broken down, it can still be fixed and driven. A lot of junk cars don’t even look like junk cars. Sometimes all it needs to be a clunker is to have a catastrophically damaged engine. And seeing as engines are so expensive to fix, than you would always be better off buying a replacement. So, the answer is to think of how much it will cost. Will it be more expensive than your car is actually worth? Than you would be better off spending your hard earned cash on a replacement.


Of course, sometimes it is fairly obvious that your car will never drive again. Perhaps it has suffered a terrible amount of damage in a road accident. Maybe it has had the misfortune on being severely water damaged in a flood. These are events that spell certain doom for your automobile’s future as a transportation device.

Whatever has brought your ride to this point in its life, you are definitely doing the right thing by disposing of it. And the best way to do this is to sell it to your local auto removal experts, otherwise referred to by many people as car wreckers. But first you better know about the general attributes of Auto Wreckers.

The next important thing to know is how much you stand to get out of this transaction. The reason being, there are some unscrupulous companies out there who want nothing more to rip you off. Knowing how much your car is worth can help you avoid this outcome.

How to find out the value of your Junk Car

Whether or not your junk vehicle is worth some kind of amount of money doesn’t require it to be in really good condition with a lot of parts that can be salvaged. Even if it has absolutely no components or parts on it that can be re-used due to their advanced states of disrepair, your clunker will have value. So how do you work out how much your car is worth?

It depends on a few different variables. One of them is the market value of other cars of the same make, model and age, but are in working condition. Then you can do some math based on the amount of damage your car has, subtract some numbers and do some more math, and you now have a number that is close to how much your vehicle is worth. However, it is really hard to actually know the true value without actually getting the opinion of a professional. But it isn’t impossible. Here are some factors you have to consider if you want to learn how much your car is worth:

  1. The condition your car is in.
  2. Your car’s make and model.
  3. The current market value of scrap metal, and your car’s weight in metal.
  4. The year your car was manufactured in.

The amount of money a car wrecking company will pay for a vehicle can be anything from $100 to $9999. It really depends on the above variables.

How Does One Get More?

If you would like to avoid getting less money than your car is actually worth is to make efforts at making more money than your car is actually worth. Fortunately there are some great tips for you that may help you with this endeavour.

  1. Don’t delay, act today

If you just leave this car of yours in your garage or outside on the lawn, it will deteriorate. It will get rustier. Less parts will be worth salvaging. Less of the steel on it will be recyclable. It will depreciate in value even further.

  1. If your car is still in running condition, negotiate for more

When a car gets hauled off to a scrap yard, it is normally going there because it will never drive again. Cars in this state have a very low value. You most certainly won’t get that much money for a vehicle that has no parts that can be salvaged and is only worth the amount of steel that can be sold to a scrap metal company. But if you are selling a car that is still able to be driven, this is an entirely different story. It most definitely can get a lot more. So negotiate for more! If it is good enough condition you may get up to a few grand for it. Some companies pay up to $9’999 so it most certainly can be worth it.

  1. Keep the price you want firmly in your head and stick to it

Sort out what price you want to get for your old scrap clunker and don’t deviate from it. Although you may have to give yourself some wiggle room as far as the negotiating process goes. It is important that you get a lot of quotes from many different cash for cars-companies so that you can choose the most accurate price for your car to choose. Any place that puts conditions on their prices are ones to avoid.


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