How to sell a car online?

December 16, 2016 POSTED UNDER: sell my car

We live in a wonderful time as far as selling cars in concerned. The reason? The internet. Thanks to this game changing addition to humanity, selling your vehicle is cheaper and simpler than it has ever been previously.

There are, however, some practices that will help you on your way to selling your car online. The key here is to make the whole process smoother.

Write Description That Is As Detailed As Possible

If one were to write a list of all the biggest wastes of time, then the number one on that list would be having to provide answers to questions that really should have been answered already by the description that you included in your ad.

Sure, you will have to spend a tiny bit more time on writing, but the time saved will be far greater. And the kind of online used car buyers you will get answers the ad will be the sort that will be more informed, and therefore much straight up about what they want.

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Here are some great suggestions for what you should be including in your advertisement description. Talk about all the problems your vehicle has, the small ones and the big ones and everything in between. If you have had an accident that isn’t in the vehicle’s history report, be sure to mention it. If you have recently made repairs, or have improved the vehicle in any way, don’t be shy about it, and include it in your ad. Talk about any leaks, and don’t forget to give a heads up to the condition of your tyres.

Make a Short Video

It goes without saying that photos must go in your advert, but you can do one step better by including a short video documenting what your vehicle sounds like, and how well it drives. This will make your ad stand out as well, plus people seeing your ad will know that you are a seller with a whole lot of credibility, thus increasing the likelihood of your getting cash for cars.

Make Sure You Are Safe on Your Test Drive

There is the chance that the prospective customer that takes your vehicle for a test drive is such a terrible driver that they crash the vehicle. Make sure that your insurance covers such an event happening.

If you don’t want to accompany them on the test drive, you also need to find another way to protect your car from possibly being stolen. One way to do this will be to get a personal item off them to keep until they come back.

Don’t Fall Prey to Fraud

There is a kind of person commonly known as a scoundrel who tries to rip people off any chance they can get. Avoid these people by following some simple rules, such as not clicking on links sent by buyers through the email, don’t talk to anyone who doesn’t want to meet in person, make sure that you see their identification, and if you don’t want counterfeit cash you can make sure to have the money transferred to your bank account.

Follow these suggestions and you won’t win any prizes, but you will have a safer experience selling your vehicle.

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