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Where to sell written off cars in Sydney?

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Every now and then, someone will need to get rid of their vehicle because it has been severely damaged. Maybe they failed to sell it off, and kept it until it started to break down every other week. And is now completely out of commission. Or maybe they were in a crash and the car is completely written off. If your vehicle has been written off, it may seem to be a lot harder to find a way to get rid of it. But in reality it isn’t hard at all, as there are several options available. Let us explore two of them together and bask in the beauty of new-found knowledge.

Talk to your local scrap metal dealers

When an automobile is written off, you may ask yourself “who would want to take this off my hands?” The wrong answer would be “no-one.” To begin with, the vehicle in question is made up of a valuable resource, i.e. steel, that can be recycled. So if you can find a scrap metal dealer in your area, they will be more than happy to take your vehicle. They will pay you an amount based around the weight of steel the car has in it. However, if there are any parts on your vehicle that can be refurbished and re-used, your vehicle will be worth a lot more than a scrap metal dealer will pay.

Part the car out – how much do wreckers pay for cars?

Here is an avenue of action for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts out there. If you have plenty of space to work in, such as a garage, then you can dismantle the vehicle there. You have to either have the right tools or know someone with them. If you are not knowledgeable in this area of expertise, you risk damaging the parts. If you don’t have the skills required, or know anyone who can help you, you would most likely be best to choose the next option.

Selling to a cash for cars Sydney & get online quote

We all know the importance of cash for cars in Sydney. This may be the best option for giving your written off car a more monetarily rewarding send-off. It is important, however, to shop around for the correct company. This is because there is actually a lot of them around. There will most likely be a few in your area.

As is usually the case with most companies, car removal companies aren’t all created equal. You can easily contact a handful of them, and get a few different offers. There might be some variation in the amounts offered. But before you choose the company that offers the most, there are some other concerns that you need to address. Make sure they are fully licenced. Make sure that they pay cash on the spot before they remove the vehicle. Furthermore, that removal should be free of any charges, either up front or hidden.

They will most likely pay you more than a scrap metal company because they won’t only be evaluating the vehicles worth just based on the weight of steel. They will be looking at parts as well, so you stand to make more money. In conclusion, if your car is written off, those are your options. Good luck.


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | September 4, 2017

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