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Where in Sydney can you sell an unregistered car?

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When a vehicle that belongs to you is at the end of its career, you would be throwing money away getting it registered if you are unable to drive it. And making the car driveable is out of the question when it comes to junk vehicles, because, as we all know, repairing them is more costly than simply buying another one.

So owning a junk car also means owning an unregistered vehicle, and unregistered vehicles are harder to sell than their registered counterparts. But this is no reason to shed tears of despair. You can still get cash for old cars if you play your cards right.


Part the Car Out

If you have a solid understanding of what you are doing, along with the relevant tools needed to perform this big task, by all means dismantle the vehicle yourself. It will mean that all the money that comes from selling the used parts and scrap metal will be going directly to you. All that is required is a whole lot of elbow grease.

If, however, you don’t have the correct tools, buying them may be more expensive than it is worth. You need multi-purpose cutters powered hydraulically, fluid recovery tools, and maybe most importantly an Engine Hoist. Engines are heavy.

Call the City Council

This is the option to choose if there are no others. It would be well advised to try other avenues first as this one has no remuneration for you. That means you will get no money. But it will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. The vehicle will then go on to be recycled properly. So you won’t have to worry about it littering up the environment.

It is one of the city council’s responsibilities to remove abandoned vehicles. It’s a good thing they do this. As people do abandon vehicles from time to time as a way to dispose of them. It can’t be stressed enough that abandoning your vehicle is not the correct path of action.

Sell to a Cash for Cars Company

This is by far the most simple, easy and convenient way to get rid of your unwanted junk vehicle. Cash for Car companies, sometimes known as Auto Removal companies, is outfits who are dedicated to buying used vehicles of any make, model or condition. This includes junk vehicles. And they aren’t stingy with the amount they pay either. Sell your used car for cash in Sydney now.

They can buy unregistered automobiles, because they are qualified to do so. The great thing about them, isn’t just the money they pay but the fact that they offer free quotes and car removal. They are professional recyclers as well. Making sure that everything is done to make sure that one of the winners of their business model is the environment.


In conclusion, the days of worrying about how to dispose of unregistered vehicles are over. There are a few avenues to go down that will make mince-meat of this problem.

Find your local Used Car Buyer in Sydney who can buy your unregistered car for the best price.


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | October 14, 2016

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