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Sell your used car for maximum cash in Sydney

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If your vehicle becomes an embarrassment for you whenever you go out in public, or it has become such a burden on your bank account that you can’t feed your family, or you simply have grown bored of your ride and want a new one with a different color, it will be safe to assume that you are currently planning on selling it. And if this is true, you won’t disagree with the fact that it is of utmost importance that you get the most amount of cash for it that you possibly can.


Determine the Value of the Car

Before selling a used car, you will be requiring a decent estimate of the automobile’s value. This isn’t a hard task to complete now that we are all a decade and a half deep into the information age. All the knowledge that you could possibly dream of being only a Google search away. You can start by looking up to get a general price range of your particular vehicle. It is also possible to go into some public forums and ask people how much they think your vehicle would be worth. Another option is to find trading sites like and see if anyone is selling a vehicle of the same make, model, year and condition as yours. Must see how much they are selling it for.

Clean the Vehicle Up

If your vehicle is in okay condition and you think you could sell it privately rather than to an auto removal company, which is a last resort option. You will have to clean it up really well if you want top cash. A good wash and wax for the outside and a vacuum for the inside. Invest in new mats and vehicle seat covers if there is wear and tear on the seats and floor. Apply some auto air freshener to make sure no lingering odours put customers off.


We’ve already mentioned the internet, but it’s time to mention it again. Online sites such as Usedcarguys have lots of used cars for sale, and are great places to advertise, but spread your options out and pay for ad space in different motoring enthusiast sites. You will need to include all the relevant information about the set of wheels, and enthusiastically describe it in a way that you think would get your own interests up. Take a great photo, and if you are unsure of what goes into a good auto photo look online at others. There are particular angles, settings and lightings that can make your vehicle look like the king of automobiles.

Negotiate the Price

Prospective customers will want to talk the price down so pre-empt that desire of theirs by setting the price higher than what you want to get, but not so high that people will think it’s not worth it. You just want to create some wiggle room. So whoever buys the vehicle will think they got a sweet deal after some hardcore haggling.

Car Removal Company

If you can’t sell it privately because it is a junk car and no-one will even buy it for a dollar. Get in touch with a car removal company, otherwise known as cash for cars companies. They recycle automobiles and are willing to buy scrap vehicles of any condition. They even provide free auto removal. Good luck!


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | August 31, 2016

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