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Selling a backpacker car in Sydney

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If you are planning to visit a new country for a time period of more than a month the best way to travel around it would be with your own vehicle. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want and you can really have an enjoyable experience.

Most of the backpackers focus on purchasing a vehicle that can be perfect companions on their road trip and they generally underestimates the process of selling it. But when it comes the time to remove their backpack and hand over the keys to a new owner it can be actually very exasperating and time-consuming process.

Here are a few effective tips which will be helpful to sell your backpacker car quickly in Sydney, NSW with as little stress as possible:


The longer registration length the better it is. According to experts it is best to have at least 3 months registration when selling a backpacker vehicle. Don’t forget that you always have competition around and buyers understand the additional costs to acquire a valid registration. Thus, if you have a registration that is about to expire, you can find it difficult to sell your backpacker automobile.


To sell your car fast, you will need to promote it effectively. You can use some impressive flyers and place them onto hostel notice boards. However, make sure to take permission from the hostel or else they might remove it within a few hours. Also, ensure to use great-looking pictures with a powerful sales message so as to make your advert appealing.

Another great option to promote your backpacker vehicle’s sale is using an online listing website like Gumtree. Some of the dedicated car selling website for backpackers like Cash 4 Backpacker also provides great tools to design amazing flyers. Other than this, you can also consider visiting car markets where individual sellers or buyer can meet to sell or buy vehicles.


The presentation of your vehicle matters. For most of the people it may not be a great thing, but making your automobile presentable is a great thing. So, make sure to give it a good wash on the exterior and you may even polish and wax it properly. If you don’t have time to do all the hard work on your own, you can take the help of professional auto wash companies. These people offer good auto cleaning and waxing services for around $30 to $50.


Many times backpackers buy keep wrong attitude of getting the most from their vehicles, even it is not much money. For example, they buy vehicles for $4000 and invest around $1000 to repair and maintain it during the trip and expect to get around $5000 for it. You should instead make sure to set a realistic price range and don’t forget the competition that is already there in the market. If it has been more than a week and you don’t get any interested buyer, make sure to review your price range and check the list price of other “backpackers” as well.

Time and place

Obviously, it is all about selling the car at the right time and place. For example, In Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, April to July is probably not a good time to sell your backpacker vehicle. However, if you are on the tight timeframe, then you can get the quick cash for car while dealing with local used car buyers in Sydney, NSW.


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | July 12, 2017

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