How to get the best deal for trade-in of your used car?

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Looking to change your old or pre-owned vehicle? Trading it in is the easiest way to get the most value for your automobile. It can also save you from the hassle of arranging the auto sale, if you opt to sell it independently. All you have to do is some research and haggle for a fair price.

So, here are five simple strategies to get the maximum possible value for your car trade-in.

Know the market value of your car

Before you visit any dealership, it is a good idea to find out the market value of your car. Make sure to use popular websites to get a fair estimate. You can also check the websites of several well-known auto dealers in your area. By going through the market prices of makes and models similar to your car you can determine its average value.

Once you go through relevant resources, you can use the information to negotiate a better deal. So, when you go to the dealer you will be armed with necessary information. This way you can get a fair and realistic price estimate while negotiating with the dealer.  

Give it a good cleaning

It is always a smart decision to take your vehicle for a good cleaning from inside as well as outside. When your vehicle’s interior and exterior look awesome, it enhances its overall visual appeal. Other than this, make sure your vehicle smell like new. If you like to travel with your pets, make sure to remove any stinking smell from the vehicle. You can buy ozone generators to get rid of smoke odours, pet smells and other undesirable smells. This will make your vehicle smell great.

Pull together all the necessary paperwork

When it comes to selling any vehicle it is must to sort out all the maintenance and service records. Make sure to arrange them in a file so you can show it to your potential buyers. This is a good way to guarantee them that your automobile is well-kept. So you can garner a higher value for it.

Be informed, polite and firm

While negotiating with the prospective dealers make sure to stay informed. You should stick to your asking price. But don’t begin by asking a too high or too low price. For example, if you your asking price range is $10,000 – $15,000, you can set a fair price of $13,000.

Remember, honesty is the best policy

If your vehicle has any major issues or problems, you can try to conceal it. But you make a fair price by twisting the truth and trying to hide any unfavourable information regarding your auto. Besides being an ethical issue concealing your auto details won’t work in the most trade-in dealers.

While dealing with auto dealers, don’t forget that they are already skilled in their job. They deal with a number of vehicles on regular basis. So they will be easily able to point out any repairs or inconsistent spots on your vehicle.

Never lie about trading in your car for the higher offer. This way the dealer will easily identify if you have charged an unrealistic price. You can use paint to conceal any rust marks and fill any cracks with putty. At least this will help you to get a fair price for your automobile.

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