How Long Will it Take to Transfer a Car into Your Name

October 16, 2018 POSTED UNDER: general

If you are the owner of an automobile of any variety, it is important that you have the ownership title. It verifies that you are in fact the individual who currently owns the car in question. If you ever sell it to anyone, this document is going to need to be updated with the name of whoever is buying it.

Both you and the buyer have to sign the document, and it is overseen by a government department created for things like this. Sometimes there is more red tape to deal with than other times. Let’s look at how long this can all take.

First, here are the different times when one needs to have ownership of a vehicle transferred:

  • Buying or selling a car
  • Giving a car to a member of the family
  • Paying an outstanding debt off
  • Willingly giving a car to another person such as a friend
  • When the owner is changing their name

Buying or Selling a Car

This is when you need the receipt, as it will include such things as the terms and conditions of the sale. It is a physical representation of the ownership transfer. In other words, it is proof. You need this piece of paper whenever you buy or sell a car.

When will the Title Change?

The name of whoever owned the car gets removed once the payment gets made and cleared in full. It will take a few working days for the title to change.

Transferring to a Family Member

This is where you are giving a car away to someone related to you and they don’t have to pay any sales tax. Other than that, the rest of the process is the same. This will take about the same time as it will when you are selling to someone.

So, How Long Does it Take?

Once both parties have signed the agreement, gone to the relevant government office department and had it made official, it can take up to a week for everything to be done and dusted. Some Australian states incur late fees for registrations that are late by 14 days or more.

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