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Why used cars remain the clever choice for buyers

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When shopping for a new vehicle that suits best to your needs and lifestyle, it is hard to decide whether or not you should buy a used or new car. Of course, both of them have their own advantages, but the ultimate decision relies on the shoppers choice and financial condition.


Well, here are some of the best reasons why buying a used car may be a smarter choice for many buyers:

  1. Save Money

This is perhaps one of the best reasons why one may decide to go for a used vehicle. A used car will be obviously less expensive than a brand new one. If you have set up a strict budget, then buying a reliable second hand vehicle can save you big bucks in several ways.

Instead of building up your savings and emptying your saving bank in a new automobile, investing in a second hand vehicle will prove to be an affordable deal. Moreover, if you invest in an expensive automobile. The sales will be much higher than what you would have to pay for a second hand automobile.

  1. Minimize Depreciation

The moment a new vehicle is driven off the lot it depreciates about 20% and about 60% of its worth in the next 2-3 years. But most of the buyers often overlook this fact while buying a new automobile.

Buying a used automobile, however, means investing your money after the greatest depreciation has happened.

  1. Reduce insurance costs

The key element in determining a vehicle’s insurance cost is of course its value. And, since a second hand automobile is less expensive than its newer version, its cost of insurance will more likely to be less. However, before contacting insurance firms, you can get the price from Quickcarcash as well. Check out how to get the free car valuation online at Quickcarcash.

So, if you are on a financial budget, then insurance payment is something you must consider. Also, if you are able to get a high loan deal or lease on the new automobile, you may have to face the escalating insurance rates. For example, a pre-owned 2012 model that is worth $17k will cost less than a brand-new expensive automobile.

  1. Reducing registration fees

Generally, the fee charged by a state to register an automobile often depends on a percentage of its transaction price. This means if you are buying an affordable second hand vehicle, you will have to pay less for its registration.

Additionally, these days most of the states are increasing registration fees to generate good revenue. Thus, investing in a used vehicle is an effective way to avoid these additional costs.

  1. Getting more money for your buck

You may not be able to spend out lavishly on a brand-new luxurious vehicle. But a used model that is about 2-3 years older may fit in your budget. Therefore, stretching your auto buying dollar is indeed helpful.

Thus, buying a used automobile is not purchasing someone’s else problem. It involves minimum risk and can save you a fair bit of money while avoiding potential hidden problems.

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WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | February 17, 2017

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