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How to determine the value of your car in Sydney?

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Selling a vehicle isn’t the only good reason to determine its worth.  There are many other reasons of knowing the market value of your car such as when applying for loan you will have to assess your assets or entering its details for insurance. Whatever the reason is, you will have to go through difficult and time-consuming selling process.

Furthermore, you will have to determine your vehicle’s worth, which is probably the most difficult task in selling process. You can only sell your used car for maximum cash in Sydney if you have the accurate prior idea of the price of your vehicle.


Here are few best ways to estimate the value of your vehicle:

Assess its value & Sell Your Car Fast

There are various online tools that will give you a free assessment of your automobile on the basis of its make, model and manufacturing year. You may use recognised online value estimators like Redbook’s auto value estimation tools.

However, these tools won’t consider other important attributes of your automobile like its mileage and other additional accessories it may have.

Research its market price & Sell Your Car Online

You will also need to assess the market value of your car online. For this you may head on to websites of auto sellers to check the prices of other vehicles that are similar or same like yours.

Make a personalise estimate of your car’s value

After going through the above steps you will get a rough estimate of your vehicle’s worth. But remember that various other attributes are also contribute to its overall worth. Therefore, it is very important to personalize your car’s value assessment. If you wanted to sell your used car for cash that you have in mind then homework is vital.

For this you will have to consider the following elements –

  • Make and Model

If you own a new automobile then this point is not much important for you. However, if it’s the used vehicle then it is probably very important to consider its make and model.  And, fortunately you may get few online sources that consider these details to figure out the worth of your vehicle.

  • Mileage

 Usually, an automobile’s manufacturing year represents its age. But often most of the buyers determine its age by its odometer reading. And, if it has travelled more kilometers this means it is less valuable.

  • Repair History

If your vehicle has been involved in any accident then it can affect its value. It may cause recurring faults that may need regular repairs and will eventually lower down its value.

However, if the vehicle is being repaired and serviced on a regular basis then it may not be a problem of concern.

If you are planning to sell your damaged, scrap, wrecked or unregistered vehicle in Sydney then you might need to find where in Sydney can you sell an unregistered car.

  • Exterior, interior and mechanical condition

The overall condition of an automobile has also played an important role in determining its value. Problems like dents, scratches and rust on your vehicle’s body can certainly decrease its worth. That is why it is vital to get it serviced and inspected by a trustworthy mechanic. You can include this report in its advertisement which will also create a good impression on buyers.

Lastly, when you are done with all of the above steps, you are ready to list it for sale. If you are looking to sell your vehicle in Sydney, you may check out reputable online market places. Additional some of them may also offer you a free assessment service. Get the free car valuation in Sydney today.


WRITTEN BY Glen Safari | December 9, 2016

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